At Kirwa Koskei & Company, we strive to attain the highest possible level of client satisfaction as we believe that this is the best recommendation for the work of any professional service provider. At the time that we take instructions we would endeavour to advise on the stages and timelines that we consider that the transaction will reasonably entail. Whilst it is our objective to meet all client deadlines and otherwise deal with every matter as expeditiously and efficiently as possible, factors beyond our control may sometimes affect the speed with which a transaction is progressed. In the event of any misunderstandings, we would ask that clients speak to the partner in charge of their work, and if the matter cannot be resolved, the client is invited to contact our Managing Partner, who will then look into the matter and appropriately advise.

Our fees are calculated as prescribed by the Advocates Remuneration Order.  For conveyancing and security transactions we would wish to adhere to the statutory scale of charges; however in the case of large-scale transactions, these may be subject to negotiation.

On commercial and litigation matters, given the fluid nature of such transactions it is often impracticable to give a firm estimate on the amount of fees likely to be incurred at the commencement thereof. In such circumstances, we would provide a quote based on our previous experience of similar transactions that would provide a guideline on the likely level of expense.

We would also as a matter of practice request for a reasonable deposit to be paid prior to commencement of all client instructions. Value Added Tax (currently at the rate of 16 %) is payable on our fees and on all vat’able disbursements and this would be reflected on all our Fee Notes except in the case of the provision of export services or services rendered to certain tax exempt organizations..